OPF-RA (Remedial Actions based on Optimal Power Flow) is an add-on module for VSAT (Voltage Security Assessment Tool), a powerful tool for voltage stability analysis… Read More »OPF-RA

CIM Import

The CIM Import is an add-on module to PSAT and follows these standards to extract and built powerflow data from Common Information Model (CIM) using… Read More »CIM Import


Model Validation Tool ModV is a tool created by Powertech to validate dynamic models against PMU data from the field. It aims to enhance power… Read More »ModV


DSAToolsTM is a suite of leading-edge power system analysis tools that provides the capabilities for a complete assessment of system security, including all forms of… Read More »Overview


Powerflow & Short circuit Assessment Tool PSAT is a full-featured powerflow program that includes table-driven data manipulation and a flexible single-line diagram (SLD) capability. It… Read More »PSAT


Voltage Security Assessment Tool VSAT is a highly automated analysis tool designed for a comprehensive voltage security assessment using powerflow-based steady-state methods. VSAT includes flexible… Read More »VSAT


Transient Security Assessment Tool TSAT is a leading-edge electromechanical time-domain simulation tool designed for comprehensive assessment of dynamic behavior of power systems. TSAT includes a… Read More »TSAT


Small Signal Analysis Tool SSAT is a software tool designed for power system analysis with linearized system models. It includes a number of analysis functions,… Read More »SSAT

DSA Manager

On-line Dynamic Security Assessment DSA Manager provides an environment through which the security assessment modules in can be integrated into the real-time sequence of an… Read More »DSA Manager