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building-powertechPowertech, BC Hydro’s subsidiary that specializes in clean energy consulting, testing, and systems integration, has been serving electrical, oil and gas companies, and automotive and electrical equipment manufacturers since 1989. It operates as a separate, for profit, commercial entity. In addition to providing technical services to BC Hydro, Powertech serves a large number of clients in energy-related sectors across North America, Asia, Europe, and South America and beyond. Powertech is located on an 11 acre, 21-lab campus in Surrey and has approximately 215 employees.

The company’s staff of professional engineers, scientists, and technologists offers a broad range of services to help clients solve complex problems, maximizing asset performance.

Powertech’s Software Technologies department develops and supports a suite of leading edge software related to power system analysis and applications. At present there is significant growth in this area of the business, in particular our DSATools™ software package which is a suite of analysis tools for both off-line (system planning) and on-line (near-real-time operation) dynamic security assessment of large complex power systems.

If you are interested in a career at Powertech, please visit Powertech’s Careers page.