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DSATools – Add-On


    OPF-RA (Remedial Actions based on Optimal Power Flow) is an add-on module for VSAT (Voltage Security Assessment Tool), a powerful tool for voltage stability analysis… Read More »OPF-RA

    CIM Import

      The CIM Import is an add-on module to PSAT and follows these standards to extract and built powerflow data from Common Information Model (CIM) using… Read More »CIM Import


        Harmonics is an add-on module to PSAT that can be used to perform power quality analysis of a power system. Features Identification of risks due… Read More »Harmonics

        UDM Editor

          User-Defined Model Editor (UDM Editor) is a module included in the standard package of VSAT, TSAT, and SSAT. It incorporates features and functions to allow… Read More »UDM Editor


            Simulated PMU Data Generator ePMU is an add-on module to TSAT that is able to provide time-synchronized phasor data from a power system model, similar… Read More »ePMU


              Control Design Toolbox CDT is an add-on module to SSAT that offers a systematic way to design and tune power system stabilizers (PSS). CDT provides… Read More »CDT


                Subsynchronous Resonance Analysis SSR is an add-on module to SSAT that provides an easy-to-use interface to systematically perform subsynchronous resonance (SSR) analysis of a power… Read More »SSR