Other Tools


TLDS is a software system created for BC Hydro by Powertech. It is a mobile application and web server for the collection of asset data… Read More »TLDS


Model Validation Tool ModV is a tool created by Powertech to validate dynamic models against PMU data from the field. It aims to enhance power… Read More »ModV


Powerflow Database PFDB is a tool designed for assembling a series of powerflow base cases for a large region from data submitted by its members.… Read More »PFDB


System Dynamics Database SDDB is a tool designed for managing dynamic models submitted for a large region by its members, and for assembling dynamic models… Read More »SDDB


Dynamic Reduction DYNRED is a software program developed by EPRI (US) in the 1990s for creating dynamically equivalenced models of large power systems. It was… Read More »DYNRED


Visualization of System Security Boundary VOB is a software program sponsored by EPRI (US) and developed by Powertech. It is for the real-time visualization of… Read More »VOB