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Consulting & Power System Studies

    Jobs Consultants6Engineers in Powertech’s Software Technologies Group have pioneered many of the advanced tools and techniques for power system analysis in use today. The group has extensive international consulting experience in all aspects of power system stability and control, and is well respected by the power industry for its technical expertise and capabilities. Powertech offers a wide range of consulting services to provide comprehensive solutions to the most challenging power system analysis problems, including:

    • System planning and operation studies
    • Development and assessment of system design alternatives
    • IPP and renewable integration impact studies
    • Reactive power planning
    • Analysis of subsynchronous resonance
    • Stability and control assessment
    • Evaluation of transfer capabilities and security limits
    • Post-mortem analysis of system disturbances
    • Special protection system design and verification
    • Model development for power system analysis
    • Reduction of power system models

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