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Contingency Creator

    The Contingency Creator is an add-on module for TSAT that allows transmission planners and coordinators to automatically create TSAT contingencies using an easy-to-use wizard. Currently, it is able to create contingencies compliant to the NERC TPL-001-4 standard.

    The Contingency Creator is able to use substation node-breaker data to create TPL compliant contingencies. Since the tool uses the same exemplary engine to read powerflow and node-breaker data as DSAToolsTM, large system data can be handled easily.
    TPL2 TPL3

    Product Features

    • Complaint with NERC TPL-001-4 standard
    • Ability to create contingencies based on substation node-breaker data
    • Intuitive, functional wizard like user interface
    • Automatically create a large number of contingencies (up to 2000 contingencies per run)
    • Define, select, and customize subsystem to apply contingencies
    • Save study configuration to share with others or later use
    • Capable of handling systems of very large size
    • Customizable parameters and options for creating contingencies


    The following are some of the salient features of the tool that allows for an enhanced user experience:

    • Define subsystem that is either substation based or the whole system based
    • Save study configuration of the tool for sharing amongst team or later use
    • Custom tags to name contingencies
    • Multiple options to customize contingencies e.g. custom tags to name contingencies

    Specifications and Requirements

    • Needs node-breaker data in PSAT XML format if creating contingencies for substations and for breaker-level events
    • TSAT must be installed to use the contingencies produced by the tool
    • Run on MS Windows 7/10/Server 2012 R2/Server 2016

    View Contingency Creator Brochure