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DSA Manager

    On-line Dynamic Security Assessment

    DSA Manager provides an environment through which the security assessment modules in can be integrated into the real-time sequence of an energy management system (EMS) to provide on-line DSA capabilities.

    Security Assessment OptionsScreenshot

    DSA Manager can be configured to interface with any or all of the security assessment modules in DSATools™:

    • Voltage Security Assessment Tool (VSAT)
    • Transient Security Assessment Tool (TSAT)
    • Small Signal Analysis Tool (SSAT)

    All supported analysis options in these modules can be applied; additional analysis options are also available in DSA Manager:

    • Base case security analysis
    • Security limit assessment (1-dimensional and 2-dimensional for voltage and transient security, 1-dimensional for small signal security)
    • Remedial measure analysis



    DSA Manager supports a client/server structure. Single or dual DSA clients can be configured (dual DSA clients to provide redundancy). Clients can be networked with an unlimited number of VSAT/TSAT/SSAT computation engines (servers) to form a distributed computation network, thereby meeting performance requirements for specific applications. In addition to assessing the real-time system conditions, DSA Manager can also be configured to perform DSA functions related to other analysis modes, such as forecast/prediction, market, study (some study functions can be done through ST DSA Manager), QA, testing, training, etc.

    DSA Manager can also be installed on any Windows-based computer networked to the on-line DSA system to monitor DSA operation and to examine DSA results.

    Various types of results are displayed in DSA Manager:

    • Security violation alarms
    • Security trend analysis
    • Security violation details and suggested remedial measures
    • Historical security results
    • Security limit nomograms
    • Custom time-domain, PV, and other plots

    In addition, DSA Manager can save on-line DSA results in a data depository such as PI database and also in XML format for display on a third-party platform such as VOB.