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    Dynamic Reduction

    DYNRED is a software program developed by EPRI (US) in the 1990s for creating dynamically equivalenced models of large power systems. It was enhanced recently with a major overhaul sponsored by EPRI, supported by several large ISOs/utilities, and completed by Powertech.

    DYNRED can be used to perform a reduction of a set of power system models with the goal of maintaining faithful dynamic responses in a given subsystem. It performs not only network reduction, but also reduction of the system dynamics.



    The resulting reduced system model can be used for general stability analysis of the power system including:

    • Voltage stability
    • Transient stability (including frequency stability)
    • Small signal stability
    • On-line dynamic security assessment



    • Reduction of large power system models for static and dynamic performance analysis
    • Choice of reduction algorithms
    • Compatibility in data formats with industry practices
    • Performance benchmarking tools for reduced model validation
    • Graphic user interface

    View DYNRED Brochure

    DYNRED Security Patches

    At this time there are no security patches for DYNRED. If a security patch is released it will be posted here.
    Please contact us for more information.