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Educational Suite


    InterconnectedPowertech provides selected DSATools™ packages to educational institutions at very heavily discounted license fees. The following choices of packages are available:

    • PSAT + one of VSAT/TSAT/SSAT
    • PSAT + two of VSAT/TSAT/SSAT
    • All four core modules PSAT/VSAT/TSAT/SSAT

    When applicable, add-on modules Harmonics/ePMU/CDT/SSR can be included in the above packages. The educational version can be used for research and education only. For-profit consulting usage is not allowed.

    The educational version is the same as the full commercial version, in terms of the software features and modeling support (specifically, there is virtually no limitation on system sizes that can be analyzed). DSATools™’s ease-of-use, leading-edge analysis algorithms, and comprehensive modeling capabilities make it ideal for the research and education at universities. The following features are particularly useful for academics:

    • Support for Python and other scripting languages to perform automated or batch tasks in preparing powerflow cases and interpreting computation results
    • Capabilities for developing customized models using the user-defined modeling feature, which may include functions from user-written code
    • Export of options in SSAT for linearized system matrices for use in other applications developed by users

    If you would like to obtain the DSATools™ educational suite, or if you have questions regarding the educational version, please contact us today.