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    Simulated PMU Data Generator

    ePMU is an add-on module to TSAT that is able to provide time-synchronized phasor data from a power system model, similar to those measured by PMU. Because the simulations are done with the positive sequence phasor model, instead of three-phase EMT model, ePMU is capable of simulating systems of very large sizes in near real time.


    • Generation of synchrophasor data by time-domain simulations performed in TSAT
    • Support for models necessary for stability/control analysis
    • Assignment of virtual PMU at any location in system
    • Simulated PMU data time-synchronized and streamlined in IEEE C37.118 format
    • Support for real-time external switching command/control actions
    • “Save & play” feature to handle very large power system models

    View ePMU Brochure