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Power System Model Development

    Custom Software DevelopmentPowertech can help develop models required for power system studies. Most of the time, these models would be in the scope and format for use with DSATools™ software. Typical services include:

    • Developing models for DSATools™, for example,
      • Wind turbine and solar generator models
      • HVDC system models
      • Special protection system models
    • Converting models in a third-party format to DSATools™ format
    • Developing base cases for power system analysis
    • Models developed may be steady state for powerflow analysis, or dynamic for stability analysis
    • Models developed are extensively tested and validated to ensure their accuracy and adequacy for intended applications

    Recent examples of model development include:

    • Assembling base cases for US/Canada Eastern Interconnection for NERC/ERAG, US. See here for more descriptions of project.
    • Developing wind turbine and solar generator models in standard industry format for ERCOT, US
    • Developing wind turbine and solar generator models for various clients with compliance to NERC, Mod (26, 27)
    • Converting stability models in third-party format for National Grid, UK
    • Developing HVDC model for Transpower, New Zealand