Powerflow & Short circuit Assessment Tool

PSAT is a full-featured powerflow program that includes table-driven data manipulation and a flexible single-line diagram (SLD) capability. It can be used for stand-alone powerflow analysis or for data exchange with the other DSATools™ modules.



  • Creation, examination, and modification of powerflow models and cases
  • Powerflow, short-circuit, and system reduction analysis
  • Harmonics analysis using Harmonics add-on module
  • Contingency assessment, including thermal loading and voltage studies
  • Production of SLD for powerflow data and results reporting
  • Set-up of initial conditions for other DSATools™ modules



  • Various data-checking and powerflow results verification options
  • Robust powerflow solver engine
  • Support for wide range of models/li>
  • Support for Python scripts or macros to automate powerflow activities
  • SLD diagram creation by using drag-and-drop approach
  • GIS-based SLD
  • Various options to display powerflow data and solutions on SLD
  • Contour display for many powerflow quantities and for imported user-defined quantities
  • Powerflow case comparison
  • Capability of importing powerflow data in variety of formats

PSAT Brochure