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UDM Editor

    User-Defined Model Editor (UDM Editor) is a module included in the standard package of VSAT, TSAT, and SSAT. It incorporates features and functions to allow the smooth and efficient creation of UDM in a graphical environment. The resulting models are accepted directly in VSAT, TSAT, SSAT (depending model type).



    A UDM is created using a function-block and connectivity-based approach. UDM Editor provides a comprehensive library of logical functions, math functions, control functions, input signals, and physical device models for use in building UDM. The user can also supply custom function blocks written in C/C++ in form of DLLs to be included in a UDM as Dynamically Linked Blocks (DLBs).

    Once a UDM is created, validation can be performed to ensure that the model meets VSAT, TSAT, and SSAT requirements.

    Models supported

    • Generator controls, such as exciter, governor, PSS, over-excitation limiter, and under-excitation limiter (TSAT/SSAT)
    • Renewable generation and the associated control models, such as wind, solar, etc. (TSAT/SSAT)
    • Power storage equipment (battery, etc.) and the associated control models (TSAT/SSAT)
    • FACTS devices such as SVC, STATCOM, TCSC, SMES, UPFC, etc. (TSAT/SSAT)
    • HVDC (both line-commutated and voltage sourced) and the associated controls, including converter-based FACTS devices (TSAT/SSAT)
    • Special protection system (SPS) models (TSAT)
    • Special protection system (SPS) models (VSAT)

    Typical models are available for each model type in the model template library to provide starting point for building a custom model.

    View UDM Editor Brochure