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recent consulting services

Project Subject Client
IPP Impact Study BC Hydro (Canada)
Power System Model Development BC Hydro (Canada)
Pacific Northwest Transfer Congestion Analysis Powerex (Canada)
System Operating Study Alberta Electric System Operator (Canada)
Alberta-BC Inter-Tie Study AESO (Canada)
Stability Studies Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro (Canada)
Development of Intelligent Systems for Dynamic Security Assessment PRECARN (Canada)
New Capability Applications Based on Synchrophasor Measurements CEATI (Canada)
System Stability Analysis NERC & US Department of Energy (USA)
EI Base Case Development NERC/ERAG (USA)
Voltage Stability and Load Shedding Study Southwest Power Pool (USA)
Assembly of Dynamic Simulation Cases Southwest Power Pool (USA)
Stability Studies Southwest Power Pool (USA)
Small Signal Stability Study New England ISO (USA)
Wind Turbine Model Conversion New England ISO (USA)
Small Signal Stability Study ERCOT (USA)
Voltage Stability Study ERCOT (USA)
Wind Turbine Model Conversion ERCOT (USA)
IPP Integration Studies PJM (USA)
Artificial Island Operation Guide Studies PJM (USA)
Baseline Stability Analysis PJM (USA)
Assembly of Dynamic Simulation Cases MISO (USA)
Dynamic Model Reduction for Stability Studies MISO (USA)
Western Interface Transfer Capability Studies MISO (USA)
Dynamic Model Building and Reduction for Stability Studies SERC (USA)
NERC Under-frequency Load Shedding Compliancy Studies SERC (USA)
Joint Transmission Study – IPP Integration Entergy/Southern Company/TVA (USA)
Stability Studies Entergy Service Inc. (USA)
Dynamic Model Building and Reduction for Stability Studies Entergy Services Inc. (USA)
System Analysis & Training Southern Company Services (USA)
FACTS Design and Stability Studies New York Power Authority (USA)
Stability Impact of New generation EirGrid (Ireland)
Voltage and Small Signal Stability Studies EirGrid (Ireland)
System Analysis & Training Polish Power Grid (Poland)
Model Development and Benchmarking AEMO (Australia)
Voltage Stability Transpower (New Zealand)
Design of Special Protection Systems Saudi Electric Co.(Saudi Arabia)
Development of System Operating Guide Tenaga Nasional Berhad (Malaysia)
Design of Special Protection Scheme Taiwan Power Company (Taiwan)