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TSAT-PSCAD™ Interface (TPI)

    TPI is an advanced simulation platform form performing hybrid-simulation, or co-simulation, studies using the two long time industry standards TSAT (for electromechanical transients) and PSCADTM (for electromagnetic transients). This tool combines detailed modeling capability of PSCAD™ with bulk power system simulation capability of TSAT and it helps engineers to simulate large power systems while reducing cost, effort, and time needed to set up the system models and run the simulations.

    TPI uses synchronized simulation where TSAT and PSCAD™ exchange injections at the end of each TSAT’s integration step, which facilitates studying interactions between TSAT- and PSCAD™-side sub-systems. Moreover, user can exchange any control signals between TSAT and PSCAD™, providing a mechanism to model more sophisticated controls such as wide-area control and protection schemes.


    Product Features

    • Performing synchronized Co-Simulation studies using TSAT and PSCAD™
    • Taking advantage of rich model libraries in TSAT and PSCAD™.
    • Usability and user-friendliness—the tool’s design minimizes the effort needed to set up a co-simulation study case and simplifies result analysis.
    • Automatic identification of boundaries, including metrics to quantify the validity of boundaries between TSAT- and PSCAD™-side sub-systems.
    • Synchronized simulation of multiple sub-systems


    TSAT-PSCAD™ Interface (TPI) Brochure